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All Saints Church Film Night, May 18th
6pm for 6.30 meal. Film start 7pm

Heavens Above! (1963)

In a case of mistaken identity, John Smallwood (Peter Sellers), an idealistic British priest with socialist beliefs, is appointed vicar to a village parish populated by elitist landed gentry. There his conscience and acts of charity quickly become unpopular with the parishioners, who reveal a selfish and un-Christian disdain for those less fortunate who the reverend welcomes to the parish. Things really go awry, however, when Smallwood's actions endanger the village's primary source of income.

There is no charge for entry although a donation to the church running costs would be very much appreciated

If you wish to have Fish n Chips, the price is £8 to be paid in advance (Contact Paul on 07847 966058)

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